Mission and Vision

Who knew mucking about would be so fun? 

BDMCC Mission Statement

In striving to Conserve, Preserve and Restore the upper Winnebago pool lakes and their tributaries, wetlands and natural resources, and specifically Terrell's Island, the Butte des Morts Conservation Club takes an active approach to environmental issues through public awareness, education and hands-on projects. Efforts are focused on balancing the provision and restoration of natural habitats for native fish and wildlife with offering the public educational and recreational (hiking trail) opportunities.

BDMCC Vision Statement

Butte des Morts Conservation Club will continue its commitment to the Conservation, Preservation and Restoration of the upper Winnebago pool lakes and their tributaries, including Terrell's Island, through projects and funding generated for such purposes, and in partnerships with the Department of Natural Resources, Fox-Wolf Watershed Alliance, local businesses, educational institutions and community members, so that future generations are provided the opportunity to experience an outstanding natural resource.

By-Laws Of The Butte Des Morts Conservation Club, Inc.

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