May 9 2022 Meeting Minutes

Date: May 09, 2022

The General Meeting of the Butte des Morts Conservation Club was called to order on Monday, May 9, 2022 at the School House at 6:30pm by Bruce Loberg. Minutes were read and accepted. 


  1. Communications 
    1. Contact DNR Speakers to get the staff introduced. 
  2. Fundraising
    1. Calendar Raffle – We will have an October Calendar Raffle. Selling 750 tickets at $20/piece. $200 given away each day, with $500 given away on Saturdays. See Jordan for tickets. 
  3. Property/Trail Update
    1. Trail will open Monday, May 16th
    2. Breakwall – Hy Way Landscapers bill got approved and will be getting paid. Noffke has not been paid yet as there are some numbers that don’t match up.  Markers need to be checked and replaced. 
    3. Wiouwash Clean Up – Jordan will get something organized in May
    4. Boot Cleaner needs to get installed
  4. Bird Control – Reach out to Mike Jones in regards to permits
  5. Parking Lot Camera – will be bought/installed in the Spring
  6. Banquet - Net about $7500. We need to get our numbers up on dinner RSVPs
  7. Memberships – 109 Members including Lifetime Members. Jordan will reference back to years past to see who is due for memberships.
  8. Strategic Plan – Ron & Lawanda are working together on this and will come to the club with any questions
  9. Invasive Project – Lawanda is compiling a list
  10. Code for Gates – We need to develop and put a policy in place - Who has the codes? Who is coming in? Rules for the Codes, etc. 
  11. Guns – Sell Brett Favre and two pistols with wrong caliber stamping. Bruce will loacate guns.


Meeting was adjourned by Randy Pointon, seconded by Art Techlow at 7:41pm. Next General Meeting will be Monday, June 13, 2022 at Terrells Island – Schoolhouse.